"Hygge" And Its Place In Interior Design

"Hygge" And Its Place In Interior Design

Have you ever wondered why Scandinavians, specifically the Danish, seem to be so happy and content and talented when it comes to design? Well, to understand why that is, we need to first understand a little something called “hygge”.


What Is Hygge?

Hygge (“hoo-gah”/”hü-geh”) is a concept derived from an old Norwegian word meaning “well-being”. This concept has come to play a major role in Danish design, social interactions, and overall culture. We could go down a rabbit hole of all the different ways hygge is involved in Danish culture, but today we’re going to focus on it’s place in interior design in the Western World.

In one way or another, we have all experienced hygge. That feeling you get when you make yourself a cup of tea and cozy-up on the sofa, or when you wake up to the warmth of soft rays of sunshine brightening your bedroom and the smell of fresh coffee energizing your soul, or even just walking into a room and simply finding pleasure in its aesthetic and state. Hygge can be represented and experienced in many ways, and more importantly, can be something that you can design and implement.

Hygge decor and design is inviting, cozy, and centers around creating an atmosphere that encourages togetherness and appreciating the good things in life. Hygge design trends, marked by comforting neutral colors and natural materials, are a signature mark of the Danish lifestyle.


How To Implement Hygge Design

One of the best ways to incorporate hygge into your way of life year-round is with minimalist home decor. Here are home design tips to help you embrace hygge in your living space:

- Soft textiles: Decorate with accessories like throw blankets, throw pillows, faux fur area rugs, or sheepskin-lined blankets to create a warm cocoon on a cold night.

- Neutral colors: White walls or warm neutrals create a calming canvas. Hygge decor is marked by natural elements such as natural wood, bamboo, and plants (and we don’t mean the synthetic kind!).

- Mood lighting: Set the tone with string lights for a diffused source of illumination. Hang them in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. Use fairy lights to illuminate a fireplace mantle, adorn windows, or add a glow inside the fireplace in place of a fire.

- Comforting scents: There’s a reason realtors suggest baking cookies before an open house—the familiar scent of a childhood home creates a cozy and welcoming environment. Instead of mixing up a batch of cookies, try scented candles. Warm aromas like ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, or orange contribute to a relaxing atmosphere. (Furnish This candles coming soon!)

- Reading nook: Adapt hygge style to your love of literature. Set up a comfy space in which you can enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee.